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The predecessor of the University of Miskolc (UM) was established in 1735 by the Court Chamber of Vienna as Berg-Schola which means Mining and Metallurgical Engineering due to the abundant quantity of gold, silver, copper, salt and later on coal mines. Academic rank was granted by a Royal Decree, the study periods were longer, famous scientists taught in the Academy like A. Volta, C. Doppler. It served as an example for École Polytechnique. College and University rank, doctor degree awards were other milestones. In 1949 a new Technical University for Heavy Industry was erected in Miskolc with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and in 1959 the Faculties of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering joined. Today UM is running undergraduate, graduate and PhD programmes in mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, metallurgical, mining, environmental engineering, material science, earth science and information technology. Since 1981 Faculties of Law, Economics, Arts and Health Care are also effective together with one Teacher Training College and an Institute for Music. Large-Scale Research Centres and laboratories are recently attached to the University, thus it is recognised in the research fields, too. Some courses are running in English and German and several international and European projects contribute to its reputation as well.

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